What are the ‘Top 10′ ways to motivate unproductive employees.

motivate unproductive employeesCan your organization have un-motivated employees who are striving to achieve their personal goals? Who come to work for the sake of completing their tasks and get paid?

Not Really! Therefore, let us take a look at what motivation is and the 10 best ways to motivate unproductive employees.

What is Motivation?

Motivation is an inner feeling that stimulates a person to achieve desired goals. It triggers behavior impelling a person to act.

 Why is motivation important?

Motivation is the fuel that brings employees to action. It helps to increase productivity, reduce employee turnover and absenteeism. It also improves organization image and prompts employee’s acceptance to change.

Who is an Unproductive Employee?

Unproductive employee does not add to the growth and profitability of the organization. This may be due to lack of opportunities, communication, feedback, equity, enthusiasm etc.

Nevertheless, Motivation plays a vital role in growth of an organization. Hence, it is essential to motivate unproductive employees.

How to motivate unproductive employees?

A Manager’s job does not get over with the hiring process. On the other hand the work of the manager begins after the hiring process. It is his duty to instill positivity and motivation among unproductive employees.

Let us take a look at the ways to motivate the unproductive employees:

  • Every employee is different: It’s the job of the manager to understand the employees working under them. Every employee is different and so are their needs and desires. Taking this into account the manager should handle motivational issues.
  • One on One session: An organization can grow in terms of profitability and image if one way communication is avoided and two way communication is promoted. It’s the duty of the manager to have one on one session with the unproductive employees. This will help the manager to take into account their complaints and solve their grievances on time.
  • Short term and uncomplicated goals: One of the reasons for unproductiveness among employees is lack of interest to do monotonous work. Short term goals and proper division of job will be help, as the employees get to do different jobs. This way the employees will not be bored and therefore, will excel in different areas.
  • Provide Opportunities: Among the many reasons why an employee remains inactive or unproductive is the lack of opportunities given to them. Some employees are capable of doing wonders but are held behind due to inadequate opportunities. Managers should try to provide opportunities to employees so that they can prove themselves capable and productive.
  • Right Person on right Job: Most of the time, employees feel disinterested to work as their interest lies some where else. Manager should try to understand the employees and their interest which will enable him to provide them with the right job and opportunities.
  • Link rewards to employees: Employees should be rewarded immediately after achieving goals. Manager should publicize the award of performance to push the employees to perform better. Bonus, financial incentives, gifts, promotions etc can act as a real booster among unproductive employees.
  • Training: Training is a process wherein various tools are used to make the employees understand the work/task. It will help the unproductive employees to understand their work and excel in areas where they lag behind.
  • Equity among employees: Manager should treat all employees equally. All the employees should be given equal opportunities to perform and prove themselves. Biasness based on any unwanted factors should be avoided.
  • Create Enthusiasm: Employee likes to be busy and feel needed. “All work and no play will make jack a dull boy”. A joyful moment or breaks will help the employees to rejuvenate and have a fresh start to work.
  • Feedback: After the hard work that every employee does, they like to hear two words of praise. This will boost the employees to perform better and give their 100%. Manager should give feedback to employees continuously. Both good and bad performance should be communicated to respective employees to help them take necessary steps.

Every organization has unproductive employees. These employees need to be handled properly before too late as in Allen’s words “Poorly motivated people can nullify soundest organization”.

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