Which are the best ways to boost employee morale and increase productivity?

As an employer, you dream and believe that your employees’ will be continuously productive. Initially yes, your employee performance will be effective and apt for the organizations’ growth. But, when the nature of work becomes monotonous, employee output slows down gradually. It is similar to the systems and apps that we work on. When we continuously use them, they hang up. And a click on the refresh button brings it back to work. Well, when we consider employees, they have a number of refresh buttons that organization should know and when to click on them. One right click at regular intervals will boost the employees’ morale that increases productivity.

Here are the best ways to boost employees’ morale and increase productivity.

1. Special day celebrations

A way to make your employee feel distinctive is by identifying their special days. It could be birthdays, wedding anniversaries, child birth or any other reason of celebration. Small celebration at work place creates a good environment.

2. Daily team meet

Meet your team every day. Hold a small stand up talk to discuss the work done, action items and progress. Utilize this time to appreciate the good work and to provide right directions. Daily meeting creates an energy that helps to increase productivity of employees.

3. Be open to new ideas

Have the communication line open for your employees. Allow them to comment and share their opinions. Show them that their voices are valued. Encourage your employees to share their ideas. With this, the employee gets involved in the work to increase productivity.

4. Applaud and reward

This really works! Tell your employees that they are doing a great job. Making your employees feel that their work is valued is an important thing. When your team meets the objectives, reward them with a team lunch or celebrate it in your own ways.

5. Set realistic rules and targets

Do not pose hard rules on your employees. Make work place more comfortable for them to work their way to increase productivity. If your employees want to explore new technologies and applications in their work, let them experiment and implement it. Think realistically before setting out the targets. If they feel the targets tough, then it is obvious to lose interest. Therefore, it leads to low productivity and not very good results.

6. Task rotation

Doing the same work that you are good at ultimately creates monotony that at the later stage would annoy you. To avoid boredom, try doing a different task. Like an IT professional could do a bit in tech writing or a researcher could do a little online marketing. Task rotation is refreshing as well and gives employees an additional knowledge.

7. Best manager – Be one

A best manager can help achieve greater productive levels. He can be a great motivator. All you need to do is train the managers to be respectful, kind yet firm, friendly and approachable. You will then see how employee productivity doubles.

Employees’ are valuable assets for an organization and managing them is an important and yet a challenging task. When you boost your employees’ morale, it apparently ensures increase productivity. Therefore, it is wise to know and believe that a happy staff will always be a productive staff.

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