Humane part of ‘HR’- The Main Focus

Focus on the “Humane” part of Human Resources – Anamika Krishnamoorthy – HR Partner – Aspire Systems.

Often times, an HR in any organization gets bogged down in day to day activities like new joining formalities to conducting appraisals on time, to payroll processing, right till exit formalities and full and final settlements. HR’s time goes into recruitment, legal compliance and whole lot of daily routine stuff. Organizations that truly succeed are the ones that not only have a successful business strategy but the ones that trust its people to be their greatest assets.

Gone are the days where HR was looked as an administrative department. Today, businesses demand more from the HR department and expect them to play a strategic role in the growth and long-term well-being of the organization. HR professionals around the globe are increasingly finding it imperative to meet those demands for their very survival. A Humane HR process that focuses on talent management and growth from a bottom-up people centric way, will go a long way in holding an organization together.

About the Author

Anamika is a practicing HR professional at Aspire Systems and plays the role of  “HR partner”. Aspire Systems is rated as one of the top 25 companies by Great Places to Work.

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