How to handle a negative employee?

In-spite of hiring nothing but a well qualified employee and training and motivating them the best way possible; every business seems to have at least one negative employee. Negative employees are the one’s who are difficult to handle, seriously! There can be a number of reasons for an employee to display negativity. He might not be liking his job, or his company. He might hate his manager or his authorities.

How do we deal with a negative employee?

Dealing with a negative employee can be a little tricky and challenging; but it’s fun to do! Trust me. As a manager, you might have to smartly handle the situation.

Let us check out the best ways to handle a negative employee in an organization.

  • Do not overlook the negativity: If you overlook an employee’s negative behavior and fail to take action immediately, it will affect the others in the team. Therefore, your instant action towards employee negativity is very important.
  • Listen to your employee’s accusation: Employees tend to repeat their negative behavior when they feel like you have not paid attention to them. Best way to make them realize that you have heard them is by asking questions and clarifying all their statements.
  • Believe your employee: Make the employee feel that you have understood the problem, and initiate help. If they would like you to help them solve it, give them preferable ideas and ways. if you do not think that the problem is genuine, then tell them what you feel. Do not let it prolong.
  • Encourage positive behavior: Set goals before you begin the actual work. A negative employee will definitely shout a problem over the plan, people or a situation. Stop him there and ask him to point out a few good things. Divert his focus from the bad and make him consider the good.
  • Avoid Avoid Avoid: Do not allow yourself to be drawn into negative discussions. Sometimes a negative employee needs a friendly ear to complain, and not your real advice. Therefore, back yourself from the unwanted conversations.
  • Choose to say goodbye: When the negative employee fails to modify his attitude, after you have gone an extra mile to fix it; let him go!

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