What is the Importance of continuous feedback and its benefits?

importance of continuous feedback

Feedback is the essence of an organization’s work culture. A Manager’s continuous feedback to his team holds the rhythm of the work system.

Continuous feedback plays a vital role in motivating an employee to give his best that in-turn helps the organization to achieve its objectives. To know the possibility of this, we should first know the importance of continuous feedback. After all, giving feedback is an art that all managers ought to have.

 Importance of continuous feedback.

First of all, feedback is given to let the employee know if he is on the right track or not. It is very easy to point out mistakes, but is equally difficult to sandwich the positive and negative comments and communicate it to the employees.

“When an employee decides to quit his job, he would be apparently leaving his manager, and not the organization”. This is believed and does sound true!

  • Continuous feedback can be the solution for this issue. It is easy to fix a problem or a mistake at the initial stage, than to wait till the end.

Example: When we consider “cooking a dish”, the main chef checks the taste, texture and the presentation of the food at every stage. However, the same cannot be done once the food is served!

  • Continuous feedback by a manager is nothing but a helping hand to the team members to enhance their work.
  • Continuous feedback is a learning curve for those employees who take it positively and try to implement it in their work.

Continuous feedback drives as a motivation to the employees. You might wonder how?

Well, any employee, for that matter loves recognition. Don’t you think so?

Yes, this is true as every employee would want his contribution to be recognized and appreciated by his manager. When manager responses to the employees work immediately, the employees feel that their work does make a difference in accomplishing the objective. Hence, the employees try and give their best. From an organization’s front, the importance of continuous feedback is very much felt at the time of performance analysis and appraisals.

Benefits of continuous feedback

Importance of Continuous feedback culture can help an organization grow as it has huge benefits, for employees and the organization.

  • Continuous feedback increases the efficiency of the employee and the effectiveness of the job well done.
  • Continuous feedback gets the employee on the right track, before he completes his task.
  • Continuous feedback boosts the employees to give their best.
  • It also holds up the employees’ morale, by which they remain loyal to their work and to their organization.
  • Continuous feedback minimizes the time taken to complete a given task/project.
  • It gives well trained and groomed employees to the organization.
  • Enhances the productivity of the organization.
  • Helps maintain a friendly atmosphere and culture in the organization.

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