What are the factors affecting employee performance appraisal?

What is that employees mostly look forward to? Any guesses?

Well, it can’t be anything else but appraisals. Yes! Performance appraisal is very important for employees. After all, it is one of the most important factors that drive them to put in that extra effort in their jobs. Performance evaluation helps the manager distinguish ‘performing and non performing employees’ in an organization on which appraisals are decided. Performance and skill set of an employee itself will not decide the appraisals and not always are the employees delighted with their appraisals as employee performance appraisal depends on several factors.

Below are a few factors that affect employee performance appraisal.

    1. Performance : Performance of an employee by default affects his appraisal. Every organization would want to make better profits. If certain employees perform above their caliber to help company achieve better results, the organization would appreciate their efforts by giving them a raise in their compensation. It is a motivating factor as well for employees  who continue to contribute efficiently to the organization.
    1. Attendance : A very essential part of employment is to be present at the workstation and other team and company activities. Taking a day off once in a while is okay, but frequent absenteeism will no doubt weigh down your appraisals. Employees who have lesser absenteeism and are punctual can expect good appraisals. 
    1. Being motivated: A manager would love to see his employees work with excitement and energy. Employees who get to work with motivation, take initiatives and show interest to perform exceptionally are highly looked upon. Positive employees are retained, respected and rewarded by the organization.
    1. Team work: Organizations like team players. Employees who gel well with the team and help the team improve will surely be recognized and the efforts will be honored. This would be one of the reasons why employees with still performance will manage to get a healthier raise in their appraisals. Employees who spread negativity among the team might have to face a tough time during their appraisals.
    1. Service to the customers: Employees who deal with customers of the organization should make sure that they fulfill the required complainants. This is essential as ’employee client relations’ will be responsible for bringing revenue to the organization. Employees who do a good job here will definitely receive a bonus.
  1. Product knowledge: Employees should know in and out about the product or service that they deal with. Product knowledge or process knowledge is an attribute by which the employee is measured. Limited knowledge about the product or service restricts customer experience, and also it is difficult to convince the customers about the benefits of the product/service. This in turn shows your inefficiency which leads to poor appraisal.


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