How is continuous employee feedback better than annual feedback?

Continuous employee feedback is better than annual feedbackAnnual employee review is a traditional practice followed in every organization. Why do organizations have annual reviews at the first place? Basically, it is carried out to monitor employees’ performance. The question is how is it possible for the managers to remember a year’s worth of employees’ activities? Therefore, once a year review is too late as managers cannot judge an entire year’s performance of an employee at one time. The most feasible feedback method is the regular employee feedback or continuous employees feedback. It is an ongoing debate if continuous employee feedback is better or annual feedback is better.

So, let us catch on some points that describe how continuous employee feedback is better than annual feedback!

  • Continuous employee feedback helps keep a balance between positive and negative feedback. We often think that better feedback means honest criticism, which is not true. At annual feedback, managers do not get much time to think and recollect about each employee’s contribution. Therefore, at the time of feedback delivery, it becomes difficult to balance positive and negative feedback. When seen as a whole, this kind of feedback will do no good to the employees.
  • Annual feedback is way too far to think about training and development. Whereas, in continuous feedback, employees are tracked regularly and if required are given proper training to enhance their efficiency. 
  • Managers get to initiate employee engagement with continuous employee feedback process. Employee engagement gives rise to many discussions that takes work to higher level. More you discuss, more opinions and ideas are gathered which will in turn help the project/work get better.
  • Mis-communication is one thing that lets down a lot of  activities at workplace. More than 80% of issues at workplace are due to mis-communications. Continuous employee feedback helps clarify mis-communications, keeping employees and organization in sync and on track.
  • Talking about performance regularly lets employees set a goal for themselves. When employees know what value their contributions really hold, they are motivated to perform better than before. It is a good thing for the organization and for the employees too.

So, why not implement continuous employee feedback system when there is a software to help you do it!

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