Why 360 degree feedback programs fail?

Reasons why 360 degree feedback programmes failMany organizations are adopting  360 degree feedback programs. In case you are not able to recall the process, here is how it works. Your boss, your direct manager and your team members give a structured feedback on your performance, your strengths, developmental needs and opportunities. So, with 360 degree feedback programs, you get feedback from everyone who knows you and you work with. That explains what 360 is in feedback programs. The essential part of 360 degree feedback programs is to have proper system to carry out the process. When it is done well, it sure has a lot of advantages to the employees, the team and the organization. But, when it is done poorly, it creates anger and conflicts in the team.

There are sometime when 360 degree feedback programs fail, do you know why?

Here are a few reasons that describe the failure of 360 degree feedback programs.

  1. Bosses fail to participate: A 360 degree feedback program is not very effective when the bosses do not participate. Comments from a leader have high importance and weightage and shows that the bosses believe in the system.
  2. Lack of confidentiality: Initially employees are worried about where will the data go and who will be able to watch it is allowed to access it. So, you should assure them that the data will be confidential and that it will not haunt them during performance appraisals.
  3. Ineffective assessment items: The assessment items should be well written to gather relevant data. The questions in 360 degree feedback programs should consider organizational expectations and job specific competencies.
  4. Inappropriate feedback deliver: The idea of 360 degree feedback program is to help employees improve and perform better. Negative feedback can be de-motivating and can backfire 360 degree feedback program completely. Therefore, feedback should be structured appropriately.
  5. Poor development plan: Planning is very essential to get 360 degree feedback program run smoothly. Even if your program is running smoothly and you do nothing with the data, the program would be useless. Employees should make developmental goals which are measurable and achievable based on the feedback received.
  6. Feedback not aligned with organization’s vision and mission: When the areas measures do not match the organization’s vision, mission and objectives, then the employees will have not developing in the direction aligned with the organization’s growth and their upward career path.

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