Workshop on ‘Managing Performance and Delivering Business Value’ – Mali Mahalingam

Managing Performance and Delivering Business Value

Synergita conducted a day long workshop on ‘Managing Performance and Delivering Business Value‘ at the Taj Gateway Hotel, Bangalore on the 13-Nov-2013.  Managing Performance Management has been the talk within the HR Circles in the recent times due to increased expectations from business and employees.  High performance organizations have the ability to attract, retain people; they are able to perform at extra-ordinary level.  Their customers love them.  For others, attrition, business excellence, etc. are a challenge.  The HR People would have spent sleepless nights thinking of this and most of them wanted to decode the word so as to make a high performing organization as well as with the employees and create a win-win situation.

Managing Performance and Delivering Business Value

The day started as early as 8.30 where we had people from various departments (not restricted only to HR) trying to decode the word coming in from different industries. Mali Mahalingam, established leader in the field of HR bringing in with him more than 25 years of HR experience on to the stage was able to create a rapport with the crowd instantly. The work shop was attended by close to 50 people across different industries from IT, Education, Power, Hospitality, and Manufacturing.

Managing Performance and Delivering Business ValueMr. Jeevan Rao Sahib, CEO of Indelox Services Private Limited inaugurated the workshop. Indelox is a supply chain management and logistics company.  They have recently won CII’s Business Excellence award.  He shared Indelox approach towards performance management, reasons behind their initiative, etc.  This set the stage for the theme of the workshop.

Mali (as he is fondly known as) took over and briefed the structure of the workshop.  It was designed in such a way that each session had a topic which involved lot of interaction among the participants and the view point on the topic was discussed and clarified by Mali in his usual style with a good sense of humour keeping the participants hooked to the workshop throughout.

Managing Performance and Delivering Business Value

Some of the ‘Key Take Away’ in the Workshop was on the Habits of the Winning Organizations (Creating a Sense of Urgency, Playing the Pygmalion Rule, Robust Dialogue and Focus on Strengths), High Performance Culture (Team Achieves More, Performance Expectations, Flexibility, Contributor, Suitable Environment to thrive upon, Everyone is a Contributor) Pygmalion Effect, Key Leadership Process ( Clarify, Communicate, Model, Align, Engage) and Feed Forward  every topic being situation based and theories supporting that and how these can be implemented across organizations and sectors.

Mali with his extensive knowledge about the industry and the process made sure that the workshop was an eye opener in the Performance Management area to the organization as well as to the Managers.

With over 200 + years of work experience among the participants, it was both a knowledge gaining as well as a knowledge sharing experience to everyone.

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