Webinar – Simplify Employee Performance Management and Reap Business Benefits

People are the assets of any organization. Setting goals and expectations and continuous performance evaluation is very important for achieving individual excellence. In turn, aligning this with organizational goals would lead to business excellence. Hence, the organizations that value human resources make employee performance management a strategic initiative. However, in the quest of employing EPM, organizations end up with complicated and redundant processes, thereby causing a lot of unnecessary stress on the overall system. This ultimately results in questioning the fundamentals of employee performance management process and its impact on business benefits.

Webinar on Simplify Employee Performance and Reap Business Benefits
Key takeaways:

  • Organization’s agenda on Employee Performance Management – What do you expect out of this process?
  • Challenges that organizations face in implementing a performance management process
  • Solutions to address these challenges and make performance management a part of your organization culture

and more.. 

Who should definitely attend?

  • Head of HR
  • HR responsible for performance management system
  • People managers


Date/Day/Time : 14th November 2013 – Thursday – 1:00 to 1:45 PM EST

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