Move Performance Appraisals away from Salary Revisions

Performance appraisalsPerformance Appraisals have always been a game changer in the organizations. The Performance Appraisal coin, when tossed results in either employee being happy or employees leaving the organization. The more the planning, time taken to bring about the appraisal process in an organization is not for employees to leave after the appraisals, but to make sure that they have longevity with the organization with good responsibilities.

Every employee in the organization cannot be satisfied with the Appraisals, and if we try to satisfy everyone then the whole concept of appraisal becomes a failure. Appraisals seen from a Human Resource Perspective and a Manager’s Perspective are very different. The Human Resource would relate the appraisals on the talent front and steps taken to ensure that they maintain less attrition rate after the appraisal period is over. On the other hand, the Manager’s have to balance their entire team based on their performance and also needs to have a future forecast on how the employee can be fine tuned for greater responsibilities in the organization.

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Appraisals are always related with Monetary Benefits in most of the organizations, which is one good reason why employees decide to stay or leave the organization as soon as the appraisal gets over. Appraisal is a concept of understanding the performance of the employee over the appraisal period and his strengths and shortcomings in the work he had done and the inputs derived from this appraisal can be used to charter the future course of action within the organization. There is no tied thread between Appraisal and the Monetary change that happens to the employee (May be we can think of ways in separating both the appraisal and monetary aspect happening the same time)

The Manager’s role is to focus on the employee’s career by providing him with growth opportunities, knowledge sharing, providing the environment for continuous learning and recognition being given every time when the employee deserves it. The usual Business Saying goes “Employees don’t leave Companies, they leave their Manager’s” has to be written off as more and more organizations have given the baton to the Manager’s to make sure that the employees under them receive enough opportunities to succeed. A Good Manager is one who does not worry about his career but about the career of the people reporting to him (Taken from a Face book Post)

Appraisals should be constructed in such a way where the Manager’s need to get the full output from his/her employee, and the employee’s also take it as an opportunity to learn and grow from it.

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