How does Performance Management Software help in 360 Degree Feedback and Review Plans?

360 degree feedback plays a vital role in employee performance management. For employees, 360 degree feedback is to receive feedback from all quarters including managers and peers that basically helps in understanding the gap in perception between self and others. Through 360 degree feedback and review plans, managers can check and control over feedback providers for team members. Organizations provide high level of employee satisfaction with transparent review system like 360 degree feedback and review plan system.

But, how does 360 degree feedback and review plan start?

360 degree feedback and review plan starts with defining template (questionnaire), rating scales, nomination reviewers, collecting feedback from peers, performing perception analysis and so on. Performance management software simplifies the process of 360 degree feedback and review plans.

Let us take a look at the features of 360 degree feedback and review plan. 

1. Template Management360 degree feedback and review plan

  • Defines appraisal feedback forms/templates to suit the Organization as a whole and role and level of employees. 
  • Customizable template with simple drag and drop intuitive  template building tool.
  • Central repository for Goals & Responsibilities.
  • Automated notifications for customization of templates.
  • Define weightages for Goals & Responsibilities according to their importance
  • Approval mechanism for customized templates.


2. Feedback cycle management360 degree feedback and review plan

  • Allows the HR to define rating grade scale, reviewer groups and guidelines.
  • Create feedback cycle and choose employees who will be a part of the cycle.
  • Scheduling of feedback cycle.
  • Choose appropriate workflow for feedback process to kick start the cycle.
  • Feedback status tracker.


3. Reviewer Nomination/Approval360 degree feedback and review plan

  • Allows managers and employees to nominate reviewers. 
  • Nominations for reviewer can be a reportee, peer, manager or mentor of the same organization.
  • Reviewers will have to approve their nomination.



4. Appraisal Feedback/ Approval360 degree feedback and review plan

  • Gathers feedback from managers, peers and direct reports. 
  • Primary manager can refer to others feedback.
  • Has option to provide quantitative or qualitative feedback or both
  • Scores are calculated automatically as per the given ratings
  • Scores are normalized to a default grade scale
  • Notifications to ensure timely completion of feedback are automated.


5. Recommendation


  • Recommendation is one of the major outcomes of the appraisal feedback
  • Allows customization of forms.The system includes Final rating, role changes and promotions.
  • Using this feature, managers can recommend training to his employees.

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