Synergita Exhibition @ SHRM 2014

Synergita is a cloud based continuous performance management software. We are the winners of Microsoft Code for Honour 2014 under Large Enterprises category and we have several customers using our software successfully for talent management initiatives.

SHRM Conference Entrance

We exhibited our product Synergita at the SHRM annual conference 2014 held from June 22nd to June 25th at Orlando, Florida. For the HRs, SHRM is the world’s largest HR Society & the SHRM exposition is the largest HR solutions market place in the world having answers for all their questions. Our objective of participating in this exhibition was to meet Sales Partners, Resellers, and OEM Vendors to showcase our product before the elite HR community.

SHRM Lounge

It was truly a great experience and excellent opportunity for us in meeting the HR professionals from various industries. The moment when the expo hall was declared open on June 22nd Sunday @ 4.00 PM, we had vast categories of attendees dropping into our stall. The companies vary in sizes from 20 employees to 20,000+ employees. We are surprised to know that several large companies are still running the appraisal cycles manually and generally agree that automation would help them overcome the current challenges. Majority of them felt that they are looking for a system, which engages the employees throughout the year and not just for conducting appraisal cycles end of year.

Synergita booth

Synergita’s unique features such as Continuous Feedback, Social Recognition and complete automation of appraisal process administration were well appreciated by many of our visitors.

As an SHRM initiative, Synergita team released new features including Continuous Feedback wall, 360 degree surveys during the conference and also provided special price offers to the participants.

During the conference, we met many of our resellers & partners and in the meantime probed many new partnership opportunities. We would like to take this moment to thank SHRM for this wonderful platform for Synergita as a product and the fabulous audience who made Synergita SHRM venture successful.

Take a product demo- Synergita

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