Webcast Series – How to Handle Difficult Employees?

In Continuation to our Previous Webcast Series Part 1 – Identifying ‘difficult’ and ‘different’ employees & Basic reasons behind their emergence, Synergita Team proudly presents the Second Installation of the Webcast Series

Part 2 Focus on: Importance of understanding human behavior and ways to handle them.

Every organization contains some difficult/negative employees who hamper the growth of the organization. They occur due to various reasons like partial behavior, unhealthy working environment, unsatisfactory salary etc. Ultimately it will lead to difference in the employee behavior.

In an organization it is very important that all the seniors, managers, heads etc. should be knowledgeable in dealing with the vast count of human behavior patterns. Managers should predict the human behavior at work place and should avoid partiality by being irrational in his/her decisions. Employees should never be made to feel isolated, as emotional balance plays a key role in managing human behavior at work place.

Part 2 of this Webcast series will encircle the behavioral management aspects of a Leader and how-to step off facing challenging situation at the work place. We are going to help you equip yourself for achieving excellence and minimizing difficult behaviors seen among all the employees by:

  • Dealing them carefully and with patience.
  • Keeping positive attitude towards them
  • Avoiding comparison.
  • Resolving their workplace problems.
  • Increasing their confidence level by showing faith.
  • Rewarding and appreciating.


JoAnn Corley, The Human Sphere – Founder, CEO

You will discover:

  • Key principles of human behavior that every manager needs to know
  • Why emotional intelligence is a key factor
  • A 5 step process to assess any challenging situation
  • Simple ways to minimize difficult behavior

Who Should Definitely Attend?

  • Head of HR
  • Talent Management heads.
  • HR Team responsible for performance management system
  • People Managers

Look forward to seeing you in the webinar

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