Webcast Series – How to Handle Difficult Employees?

As the Final Installation of our Webcast Series – How to handle Difficult Employees, Synergita unveils the last episode in Webcast Series

Part 3 focus on: Role of a leader and his ability to influence the followers by undertaking the Team culture.

“Leaders have the ability to generate support from others to achieve desired business outcomes” as the popular saying goes, Managers and Leaders of an Organization should behave in such a way making the employees to urges towards the GOAL.

Human behaviors are very unpredictable and it becomes tougher if this behavior turns anguish at workplace. Leaders and managers have to know the tactics of Win-Win strategy in this environment. A good leader should have the ability to handle them properly and bind them together with other employees.

The united team gives better and faster result which leads to financial growth of the organization. So, there is always an open door for Leadership Culture which influences employees for better through:

  • Managing Unwanted and typical behavior in an organization.
  • Creating a strong team.
  • Adopting Team culture, it is quite old but effective technique of dominating the difficult employees.
  • Uniting and generating the feeling of equality.
  • Suppressing the difficult behavior to quite a large extent.


JoAnn Corley, The Human Sphere – Founder, CEO

You will discover:

  • The role of coaching in impacting behavior
  • Leadership insights that can make or break the ability to influence
  • The role, team culture plays in allowing or minimizing difficult behavior
  • How to measure and calculate the financial impact

Who Should Definitely Attend?

  • Head of HR
  • Talent Management heads.
  • HR Team responsible for performance management system
  • People Managers

Look forward to seeing you in the webinar

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