Are Indians following the concept of Synergita in WC’15, I am thrilled!

When the Worldcup 2015 Matches started, most of us did not consider India as a strong player; India had series defeat just in the past few months with Australia and England.  India has its own challenges – having some of the experienced and star performers exiting from the team, poor form, lot of new players, etc.  But, those two opening matches with Pakistan and Proteas – are eye openers – what a way to kick start a high voltage competition.   How could they do this?

Was it because of the positive vibrations or technical capabilities or strategic captaincy?  I was clueless initially. Then, I realized – it was due to the “performance change over”.


Generally, we are aware that for any activity:  performance is the key and it is the highlighting factor whether it may be a sport or business or education or anything you do. This key follows you throughout your life, so you need to keep it always updated and keep on increasing which is not so easy. For anyone to achieve something in life, you need five things:

–              Clear idea of what you want to achieve

–              Understanding of your strengths and weaknesses

–              Clear plan of how to achieve

–              Performance measurement meter (metrics)

–              Support of your peers and coaches


It may be bad start when the Indian Team landed Australia but the turn came when they started thinking of performance management. Indian team must have had detailed review and just executed the plan.  They have put together the plan in all aspects – bowling, batting and fielding.  You have to see how they curtailed number of boundaries and sixes in Pakistan’s match.

Now, relating this to our Synergita Software – the Employee Performance Management Solution – we help capture talent information, set the goals for the period, track goals, get peer feedback and recognition.  Doing all these helps us at every situation whether it is employment or sports or travel – Keep your performance meter Always On.


Now its countdown time for Team India’s next week match & let’s hope to see a terrific PERFORMANCE.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

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