What stops you from Achieving Goals?

Employee engagement levels and team dynamics plays a vital role in achieving organizational goals. Sometimes employees come together seamlessly as a team but most often it’s the leadership that plays a crucial role thoughtfully to design & build a collaborative culture within the organization to create an effective workplace that supports engagement, satisfaction and performance to ensure sustainable growth.

Before we move further let’s understand what factors hinders us from achieving goals. It arguably boils down to these four factors:

  • Lack of clarity – What to do, next steps and how much time we have?
  • Lack of skill – How to do?
  • Limiting behaviour – Motivation, work design, other people.
  • Lack of information – Critically affects the ability to see the bigger picture and make decisions.

A recent report by Deloitte University press indicates 42% of respondents in a survey have reviewed and updated their performance management process.

Performance Management

The necessity to update the traditional system in place is for the following reasons:

  • The conventional system operates on the assumption that setting goal is an effective way to manage business.
  • Traditional systems rely on the assumption that annual reviews are enough to motivate and retain employees and to correct them where necessary.
  • With matrix structures in place employees today work with more than one manager.
  • The traditional process assumes employees have to be managed to achieve goals and does not consider the need for motivation and inspiration.
  • Fairness of the process, justifying compensations tied to performance has always been one of the pain points irrespective of the size of the organization.

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