Chennai Rains bring more Resilience…

You might have seen a delay from our end in responding to the support tickets / might have not been able to reach us on Wed & Thu (2nd & 3rd December 2015) last week.  Apologies for that.

Our (Synergita) development and support team is based out of Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu state in India.  Chennai has witnessed unprecedented rains last week and entire city got flooded (  Entire city was without power, mobile network for communication, transportation for 2-3 days.  People had to migrate out of their houses and go to safer places.  Huge loss across.

We were concerned about safety of our team members and their families.  And, thank fully, no issues.  Our people have joined relief operations across the city – supporting food distribution, shelter assistance, etc.  Narayanan (our India based customers are familiar with him) was pretty active with his volunteer effort.  He helped with food distribution, locating people (esp. our employee’s relatives), etc.  Thank you, Narayanan.

Viswa, part of our support team, stayed back at office and took care of all support tickets, reached out to our customers.  Vishnu supported from home.  Thank you, Guys.  Some of our development & testing team members whoever could come to office last week played the role of support team.  Thank you, team.

Things are becoming better now.  Water got drained and springing back to normalcy.  We have resumed our support operations from Friday (4th December, 2015).  Now, we are fully operational (7th December, 2015).  Entire development and support team members have come back to work.  Our power, internet connection, mobile network, etc. are fully back.

As you know, we use Amazon cloud for hosting Synergita.  So, we did not have any technical issues during this period.  Server and data are safe.  We will figure out a mechanism to have an alternate location for support continuity.

We have few new customers for whom we are implementing Synergita currently.  Many of them are scheduled to go live this month, before Christmas.  We certainly understand the importance of this and will make sure that we will hit the go-live date.  On the development side as well, we have promised few exciting features which are scheduled to be released for the New Year.  We will be on top of these.

While last week was a tough time, it did help in knowing ourselves better, made us stronger, etc.  I personally got more opportunities to spend time with our neighbors and know them better, did group cooking for food, etc.

Once again, thank you for all the support and understanding.

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