Don’t get flooded with excel sheets & paper works any longer. It’s time to automate your Performance Appraisal Reviews

Doing Employee Performance Appraisal Reviews is like being caught in a flood. A flood of excel sheets and paper works with no rescue team around


Unreal Self-Appraisals, Inaccurate Metrics & Delayed Performance Feedback block the way up & you lose side of your EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT GOALS


After weeks of struggling you will be left drained with year-end disappointments. Should it end up this way? Not at all !!


Next time you jump into performance reviews, think of Synergita !! Its an all easy cloud based Employee Performance Management software that helps you deal with Employee Performance Reviews without getting lost in paperwork


For managers, Synergita lets you collaborate with employees perfectly on a continuous basis. Just sign in to track their performances, encourage them through continuous feedback, and send confidential notes

Performance Automation_5

Motivate employees through recognition and rewards & know their key performance metrics


For your HR, Synergita brings in transparent and trustworthy appraisal data & great analytics to use performance data for brilliant business decisions


This intuitive tool helps you focus on Talent Development, through training programs better Employee Engagement and achieve the desired Employee Development Goals


And what about the employees ?? They are happy as their accomplishments are immediately appreciated and paid accordingly


Do you know the price of this simple, flexible, easily configurable software ?


No more than a cup of coffee !! Unbelievable right ? Go sign up now..


No more than a cup of coffee !! Unbelievable right ? Go sign up now..

Make your own growth story with Synergita, the employee performance management and engagement software with comprehensive analytical reports. Call Us Today!

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