What is trending in the HR space?

In the recent times, we’ve been often seeing several articles written by high profile people from well-known organizations around performance reviews and the way it is being done. Snippets of some of the articles are here compiled for you..

Sit back.. relax and read through..

Kamal Karanth

Managing Director at Kelly Services & KellyOCG, India

kamal karanth

Why Appraisals fail to impress me !

As much as we meet our bosses for a variety of reasons throughout the year, some conversations are not to our satisfaction like:

  1. Are you enjoying your job?
  2. Are you learning?
  3. Are we working well together?

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Ramesh Kannan

Vice President – Human Resources at Prodapt

ramesh kannan

Get rid of annual performance review?

Moving away from the unpopular bell curve and annual performance review is the “In thing” and a popular one too. Mostly because they have always been misunderstood or not looked into in detail.

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Vivek Joshi

Head Talent Acquisition @ Samsung R&D Institute India

vivek joshi2

Next generation companies are moving away from the Bell curve

Decades after General Electric (GE) pioneered the bell curve, with virtually every global corporation that mattered subsequently latching onto it, today this employee assessment tool is slowly but surely losing its popularity and is set for an overhaul.

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Pradeep Gopi

Vice President & HR Head at Robosoft Technologies

pradeep gopi2

6 reasons to have frequent performance reviews

June 30th is the end of an important Quarter. Businesses are able to make realistic projections regarding their annual performance based on the numbers till June end. Most companies time their mid-year performance appraisal of employees around this time. Not the annual ones that lead to bonuses, increments and promotions. But the ritualistic exercise that leads to some sugar-coated feedback for the employees. Too much ado about nothing?

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Bernard Marr

CEO – Advanced Performance Institute, Business author, Keynote Speaker

bernard marr

How Accenture and Deloitte got rid of Performance Reviews – And you can too

A number of big companies have recently announced that they are getting rid of the dreaded annual performance reviews and revamped their review processes. The new announcements are from Deloitte, but they join Microsoft, Adobe, Gap, Medtronic and others in realizing that the old way of conducting performance reviews is deeply flawed and ineffective.

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Stuart Hearn

CEO – Clear Review, Co-Founder – One Touch Team, Director, HR Technology & Performance Management  – Plus HR Limited

stuart hearn

Will you embrace New Performance Management Trends?

Managers loathe having to do them, employees lose sleep over them, and HR end up with a hefty file of paperwork to deal with. Performance management has been a hot topic throughout 2015 and new performance management trends in 2016 are expected to continue causing significant changes, but will your company be embracing them?

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Michael D.Haberman

Experienced HR consultant, advisor, speaker and instructor

Omega HR Solutions Inc., UGA Professional & Personal Development, Freelance Writer

michael haberman

5 Performance Management Trends that are shaking up the HR

Outdated performance management processes are coming under fire for being inefficient, hugely time consuming and for not adding any real value. Employees don’t like them, managers don’t like them, and HR professionals definitely don’t like them. But new performance management trends are shaking up HR by making processes less admin-heavy and much more efficient. Here’s how they’re doing it.

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Kris Duggan

CEO & Co-Founder – Better Works, Adjunct Faculty – Singularity University,

Alchemist Accelerator – Advisory Chair

kris duggan

2015: State of Performance Management

We’re on the brink of huge disruption as businesses overhaul their performance management processes, which in most cases have been around for decades. Already 10% of Fortune 500 companies have done away with the annual performance review, according to Cliff Stevenson, a senior research analyst for the Institute for Corporate Productivity. At Better Works, we’ve seen firsthand why this is only the beginning of an entire industry ready for a change.

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Why the annual performance review is going extinct?

This summer, GE announced it was abolishing its “rank and yank” system, which assigns employees a performance score relative to their peers and results in the lowest percentile getting fired.

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Max Nisen

Current – Biotech/pharma Gadfly columnist, Previous – Reporter, Quartz

Max nisen

Why GE had to kill its annual performance reviews after more than three decades

The annual performance review has been a ubiquitous and generally loathed fixture of the corporate world for decades. But haters can rejoice: It’s finally starting to topple. The best part? Even the company that popularized the toughest form of formal annual review is moving away from them.

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Accenture is freeing 0.3 million plus employees from performance reviews

Joining a group that already includes Adobe, Microsoft, and Deloitte, consulting firm Accenture will end performance reviews and rankings for its 330,000 employee starting this September, according to the Washington Post.It’s one of the largest companies by headcount to do so.

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What is common among all the articles is that

  1. To have manager-employee conversations throughout the year at regular intervals
  2. To conduct periodic check-ins to figure out if employees are on track, if they like the job, etc. (Deloitte goes with just 4 YES/NO questions for every check-in meetings)
  3. To provide in the moment feedback
  4. To conduct performance reviews & pay reviews separate
  5. To abandon Bell curve based performance reviews where percentage of high performers is fixed
  6. To put an end to forced ranking system

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