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Five Skills that Transform an Average Employee into the Best Employee

The best employee does not descend from the heaven. Nor is he born in a hospital. The best employee can be nurtured and cultured through systematic planning. No employee can function without some skills. More and more these skills are sharpened, there are better chances for the transformation of an average employee into the best employee. Apart from the basic mechanical skills, five top skills can be identified for this purpose:

1. Physiological skill    Body is the basis for everything. Maths prodigy Ramanujam had incredible intellectual skill. But it could not be transferred to the society because he was physically weak. Employees must eat good food. Subsidized nutritious canteen is a must for every company. Eat only when you are hungry and start the eating before hunger subsides. Surely go to bed when the sleep embraces you and start sleeping before sleep vanishes. Cultivate the habit of healthy exercises. Every company must have an active sports department to conduct interesting matches and tournaments.

2. Intellectual skill   When a man grows, his knowledge also must grow: sound mind in a sound body. Every company must have a well equipped library. Employees must be encouraged to borrow books also from outsourced libraries like kwench. Just by paying a few dollars, an employee can become an online member of all the eLibraries of USA. Company can encourage employees’ membership with 50 % subsidy. British Council has a collection of a million books for its online members. Company can bear 50 % of employees’ subscriptions. By organizing frequent discussions and debates, intellectual skills of the employees can be further improved. Various competitions and prizes also encourage the employees in their intellectual pursuit.

3. Communication skill    A talent is useless unless it is expressed. An achievement also is useless if it is not communicated. So, communication skill is very important. Other things being constant, better communicators become greater leaders but non-communicators just remain the followers. Communication skill has two components: formal language and body language. The formal language has four sub skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Listening and reading are called passive skills. Speaking and writing are the active skills. If we encourage employees listening and reading, performance will come out in the form of speaking and writing. Body language skill can be improved by observing dance poses and dramatic performances. Even speech modulations can be very much improved by hearing the voice variations of the singers.

4. Psychological skill      Mind is often compared to a monkey. It is mischievous and unpredictable. Some knowledge of psychology is necessary to understand our own mind. Once we succeed in understanding our mind, we can try to understand others’ mind. If you understand the mind of a person, you can easily win him. Employees with excellent psychological skill will be the winners in all the situations. A full time psychologist must be available in every company for the consultation of any willing employee.

5. Spiritual skill    We are pigmy players in a large universe. The playground is not our making. Very often the rules are not ours. Even these rules change from to time in a mysterious manner. Sometime, situations force us to reach our wit’s end. Intellect just takes a holiday. On such an occasion, strong faith in a greater force will save us from this confusion. It will give us courage and confidence to start the game once again with recharged energy and inspiration. Yoga, meditation and spiritual enlightenment can help us. It is better to have inter-religious silent prayer hall in every company.

Some artists and trainers have compiled a list of 60 skills that men can learn. The five skills that we have listed above are the top skills. Carefully handled, these five skills can change an average employee into the best employee of the company.

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