We help you create Great Employees !!

Synergita is a cloud based Employee Management + Engagement + Enablement software. Synergita encompasses the following characteristics that will help you build GREAT EMPLOYEES !!

Help employees focus on self-performance

Every individual in an organization will have set of goals to achieve. Tasks assigned to employees based on their competencies (job skills & soft skills) will help employees achieve their goals better. When employees are driven by goals, they will understand their importance in the team and try to scale higher. Clearly defined goals trigger employee’s performances and keep them motivated at work.

Manager, the mentor

Managerial role is ideal yet crucial. When manager understands his responsibilities, he will become a mentor rather than just a reviewer. Employees don’t need reviewers these days. They want to perform well and scale higher. But they cannot do it without the help of their managers. They want managers to act as their direction sign boards.

manager mentor2

A good manager

-> Focuses on every employee

-> Recommends development & training programs for the employees

-> Sends appreciation notes to highly performing employees

-> Gives honest feedback on how they perform

-> Appreciates publicly and criticizes in person

Manager – Employee Relationship

Manager – employee relationship is extremely important to achieve better results. Manager should get in constant touch with his employees, step-in at employee’s table to understand what they are up to. This will enable collaboration between the manager and his employees. The manager will also be able to understand the skillsets and difficulties faced by employees.

nurture employees

Frequent / In the moment Feedback

Feedback need not be a lengthy talk instead short and quick periodic check-ins will enable employees work better and keep them engaged. When given continuous feedback, employees will know where they stand, their skill sets, their areas of improvements, etc. They will be able to move in close contact with the managers and stay in-line with the business needs.

continuous feedback6

Rewards & Recognition

Nothing can be more motivating than one’s work getting recognized and appreciated by people around. Employees work tirelessly and they want their work to be recognized and rewarded. Rewards can be of types like offering compensation packages, vacation packages, vouchers, milestone awards, etc.

vacation plans

Employee Engagement

Continuous feedback, manager-employee relationship, work recognition and rewards keep employees engaged at work and speeds up their work appetite. Engaged employees are the reason for today’s successful companies.

employee engagement_8_paint


We assure and ensure you that with Synergita, Performance Reviews will no more be criticized but appreciated. Synergita helps you make better decisions, enhances manager-employee collaboration, engages employees at work and enables their potential resulting in high business excellence. This will end up building Great Employees !! Hence, Great Companies !!

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