The KABALI Day !!

I’m a die-hard fan of Rajnikanth and like every other fan I’ve been craving for this day. But I haven’t done anything unusual like the usual Rajni fans. I’m actually in office today 🙁 but have an interesting story for you. We heard that Air Asia painted one of their planes with Kabali’s images. I have something similar to this. You see this.. It’s a BMW with Kabali’s image..



Yoga (Synergita’s Support Manager) is my colleague who watched thalaivar’s KABALI FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW. He has remodeled his family’s BMW car for Rajni. He has changed the roof sticker with Rajni’s image and the title card and the front sticker with Kabali’s first look poster.




He made it specially to hit the theatre with this brand new KABALI-RAJNI CAR. Like every other Rajni fan, Yoga got up real early this morning to go to a theatre in Kanchipuram. He was all set with his Kabali t-shirt, his family too and got in their modified BMW and started to the theatre at 3am in the morning to watch the 5am show. The mesmerizing crowd all over shouting Thalaivar was what he talked about for more than an hour. The entire theatre environment was damped with crackers smoke. It was like Diwali in advance !!

However, he managed to be in office on time 😛


  • Yep.. If not for Thalaivar.. Who else we would do it for…. I was lucky to get the First Day First Show Tickets today Morning…. A Visual Treat to watch him on Screen… A different Movie with Rajini as a part of it rather than the movie being a part of him… You will see a different Rajini on screen with the Mastermind of Director Pa. Ranjith behind. And Yes we were on time to Office too… Actually a bit early as well 😛 Magizhchi 🙂

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