12 ways automation will help you overcome employee performance difficulties

In the recent times, we’ve been hearing that many companies are moving away from excel based performance assessment process to software automation. We’ve figured out 12 difficulties/issues that companies encounter when using excels to assess employee’s performance.


How can automation help in addressing performance based difficulties for managers?
 Difficulties in excel:

  • Using excel, manager may assign a rating to an employee and that can be changed (in the absence of an employee). The employee will not know the changes that are done.
  • Thus, the process is not transparent and does not track all the changes that are done.

  • In a system that is automated, employees can view the rating & feedback given by their managers & initiate a discussion with the manager for any clarifications.
  • Once the rating is published, it can never be changed and the process gains credibility.
 Difficulties in excel:

  • Say an employee is rated by the manager as 3.0 and then the HR or the manager changes it to 2.0 (without communicating the change or even when the change is communicated to the employee), the reason for the change is not captured in excel.

  • Once the manager has given a rating to an employee and when the employee has accepted it, neither the manager nor the HR can change it.
  • Also, the manager gives feedback on why the employee is given the rating.
Difficulties in excel:

  • Certain organizations have different levels of hierarchy for approval process and when the feedback has to go through multiple phases of approval, it is quite difficult to pass on the excel to one after another and is time consuming.
  • Also, someone has to physically take it to the next level in the hierarchy.

  • In a system, the process flow can be designed in such a way that the “approval” goes through every level in the hierarchy automatically.
  • And no physical fetching and submitting is required here.


Difficulties in excel:

  • Employees will be associated with the same template of competencies irrespective of their role, designation, the work they do and the project they are mapped to.
  • Secondly, even the feedback template remains the same for all the employees of different designations.

  • In a system, competencies for each department, role and designation can be imported based on the organizations.
  • Also, feedback templates can be created for each role and designation.


 Difficulties in excel:

  • Employees will not know their competencies before they start to work or at the time of their work.
  • Only during the appraisal process, the manager lists down all the competencies.

  • Competencies specific to the job role can be created and imported into the system.


 Difficulties in excel:

  • When managers wish to review an employee’s performance record, it is not directly accessible to him. The manager has to send an email to the HR seeking for employee’s record and the HR sends it back to the manager.
  • Thus, performance record is not available to managers at all times and in times of necessity.

  • In the system, performance records of all the employees are readily available.
  • Also, the feedback given by the manager and the employee himself is available at any time and at all times.



Difficulties in excel:

  • When a manger asks an employee to improve on a skillset or puts him on a development program, he will not be able to track and review his program course.
  • Also, managers will not know if the employees have actually completed the program and have become technically ready in that area.

  • When employees are mapped to a training program, the name of the course, duration, start and complete date will be captured in the system.
  • The manager at any time can go inside the employee’ profile and review the status of the program. Also, manager can give some additional support if needed by employees.


How can automation help in addressing performance based difficulties for HRs?
 Difficulties in excel:

  • The entire appraisal process is time consuming and when the HR initiates the feedback cycle, he personally has to go to each department and manager, asking them to complete the cycle as soon as possible.
  • The HR has to send multiple reminder emails, visit the managers at their cabin to get the process completed.

  • Using an automated system, it is completely easy to initiate and run the appraisal cycle with specific predefined templates across departments.




Difficulties in excel:

  • The HR has to send multiple reminder emails to both the managers and employees to get the feedback cycle completed.
  • Likewise, employees will be at different stages of feedback cycle’s completion process. But the HR will not know this and he has to send a common email to all the employees.




  • HR does’nt have to send continuous reminder emails to the employees and managers to complete the process.
  • The system can be set to send reminder emails to employees, managers and department heads to complete the feedback process. Also, system notifications can be sent.
  • The HR will be able to see the status of who has completed the cycle, how many is yet to start, etc. in a graph or chart.
Difficulties in excel:

  • Normalization process is difficult using excel.
  • Say for example, an organization has 10 different departments with 50 employees in each department. Then the HR will receive 500 excels from all the departments and score for all the 500 employees.
  • The HR has to club the excels department-wise to generate the normalization chart for each department followed by the final bell curve of the organization.

  • When the system is automated, based on the scores assigned to employees, a curve is designed by the system itself.
  • This may not be the identical design as the organization has planned.
  • When the HR wants to attain the organization’s bell curve, he has to pull or push the curve and the final curve can be achieved.
Difficulties in excel:

  • A separate Training & Development team has to be run to take care of employee’s training needs.







  • In automation, a separate team is not necessary here. The system has the Training module and employees who wish to get trained in certain skillsets, can enroll in the course themselves.
  • Also, managers can nominate employees to a training program or suggest a course to be completed within a particular time frame.
  • The status of the program can be completely tracked.
Difficulties in excel:

  • Employee’s opinion on the company, about his work, managers and peers cannot be captured using excel.



  • Employees can give their opinion on the company, about his work, managers and peers at any time in the year.


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