Employee Appreciation Day!

Employees are the company’s greatest assets. Recognition and appreciation are the key motivational factors in a workplace.   National Employee Appreciation Day was observed annually in first Friday of March and it is created in such a way to grab the attention of all employers towards employee recognition. As the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day”, the same way employee engagement can’t be built in a day.

A Glassdoor  survey on employee appreciation reveals the fact that 53% of employees report that they would stay longer as they get enough appreciation from their boss  and almost 81% of employees say that they are motivated to work harder when their boss show appreciation on their work.  Employee engaged organizations are known to grow three times faster than their competitors.

“A small appreciation goes a long way!”


Traditional Approach:

Gartner on its research on “Rethinking performance management” says the effectiveness of traditional performance management processes is questionable and satisfaction levels are low. Hence surprising an employee by recognizing once in a year in the name of annual performance appraisal does not increase retention and often it ends up in demotivation.

New Approach:

Fundamentally, it needs a different approach towards appreciating and recognizing employees. Organizations need to undertake the agile approach of appreciating the work done by the employees then and there on the spot. Frequent feedbacks and appreciations from the managers to their peers will increase the level of trust, motivation and dedication. This fosters a collaborative atmosphere as well as reduces attrition. Employee appreciation is a pill that every employee needs to stay energized.

To achieve this organization started using Performance Management solution to implement and automate the above discussed process towards Employee Engagement.

Haven’t tried a PMS yet? Why?

There is growing number of employee engagement solutions out there however the approaches they use tend to complicate the process. Some of the common reasons why small and medium sized businesses are afraid to use a PMS and how Synergita addresses those concerns are summarized below:

  • Costly:

Synergita is a very affordable PMS solution where you can kick start using a PMS by just paying $250 and get three months subscription for 100 users.  It’s completely risk free as if you are not happy after 3 months you can take all employees appraisal reports and move on. 

  • Difficult to use:

Synergita is very simple and straightforward product with more user friendly interface which does not need any special training/skills to use.   All you need is just a browser and you can start using it.

  • Disrupts the existing system:

We understand how challenging is to make a change in a traditional method in an organization. Hence we promise zero disruption to your existing system such that we will integrate your existing system into the product with more optimized features and reports.

  • Maintenance:

Synergita is powered with 24/7 free support and maintenance by our dedicated support engineers.  Hence we promise you that we are always there for you -before, during, and post roll-out.

On this Employee Appreciation Day, make a move to create performance driven work culture where employees unleash their potential and create wonders. We call it  peopleMAGICTM with Synergita.


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