The God of Small Things: How minor features like voiceMAGIC create a huge impact on employee experience?

112 million people, roughly equivalent to a third of the US population use voice technology every month. Voice search and voice technology became the best thing since sliced bread. From searching the internet, managing smart homes to shopping online, voice-technology penetrated our daily lives and changed the way we live, play and work.

The dynamic voice-tech becomes an integral part of web applications and mobile app. It enhances user experience and empowers them to quickly find the information or do the tasks on the go. Bespoke voice-tech makes it extremely easier to interact with digital devices and are appealing to millennial and Gen Z users.

According to our latest survey, more than 58% of Synergita users are millennials and Gen Z. To give a better millennial employee experience we introduced

voiceMAGIC – the voice to text transcription of feedbacks and

Voice Notes – Attach voice feedback or audio files

Voice search– Search your employees through voice command.

VoiceMAGIC – Voice-tech enabled collaboration and engagement

To create a collaborative, engaging work culture, managers and employees actively sharing frequent feedbacks. Digital interactions are as equally important as in-person conversations. An in-person appreciation motivates them but an appreciation given through a digital platform also boosts peer recognition and inspires other employees.

How much of continuous conversation, appreciation and development feedback can they wedge in their busy work schedule? How can we help make continuous conversation and feedback sharing instantaneous, easier for managers and employees without taking a toll on their productivity?

On average, in one minute a person can type only 40 words but can speak 150 words. That is the magic of your voice.

Synergita’s voiceMAGIC exactly helps you with that. Managers need not type their inputs or feedback but speak it and voiceMAGIC transcribed feedback is sent to the employees. Managers and Employees can save 75% of their time using the voiceMAGIC feature. And another wonderful thing is there won’t be any typos.

Use Synergita’s voiceMAGIC – a speech to text transcription tool to share continuous feedback

⮚ Collaborate more often with less effort

⮚ Save 75% of your feedback typing time

⮚ Avoid typos and spell-o

Voice Notes – An original and powerful way to express yourself

Verbal communication is powerful, precise and an emphatic method to express your thoughts, opinions, and feelings. Written communication is essential to refer to in the future but verbal communication conveys your moods and feelings better. Companies are emphasizing agile and diverse work culture and provide various tools, mediums, and channels for effective collaboration. When dealing with your colleagues and employees, you may prefer to have verbal communication choice too.

Synergita Voice Notes enable you to share your appreciation, continuous feedback, and development feedback through voice messages. Voice conversation reinforces collaboration and strengthens team bonding. Voice notes help you get clarity on the message and sentiments of the speaker.

Voice Notes – Send Voice messages

⮚ Can be sent on-the-move

⮚ Expresses sentiments of the speaker

⮚ Eliminates ambiguity

Voice Search: What once used to be science fiction, is now a reality.

Voice search has evolved to be the fastest-growing trend. This has become the trending form of search in recent years. Since more and more tools are becoming reliant on voice, a lot of companies are adopting voice search to minimize errors on voice search results.

Synergita Voice Search helps you to find your employees at your oral commands so that you can easily share your feedback to an employee. This feature has positively impacted the user experience by:

⮚ It has become an attractive alternative to typing.

⮚ Find what you search for on the go

⮚ It helps boost employee experience.

Synergita helps you reinvent the way you do performance management with state-of-the-art features.

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