Employee Performance Rating: Do we Keep it or Scrap it!

Employee performance rating has become the modern day blasphemy in the corporate world. Fortune 500 companies have either scrapped or moving away from annual appraisal system. Technology giants like IBM, Microsoft and Dell showed the way and the professional services…

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Top 50 Problems people face with Performance Appraisals

(Some) 90 percent of performance appraisal processes are inadequate. – survey. In conversations with HR leaders and employees, the talent management process that suffers from the most disdain around the world is the performance appraisal. It’s one of the…

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Can Employees be rated like how OLA or UBER rates the performance of its drivers?

Large multinationals like Accenture, Adobe, Microsoft are making waves by announcing that they are moving away from annual appraisals and abolishing bell curve. As we meet several companies’ right from traditional manufacturing companies to fast growing start-ups, we hear several…

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Employee Appreciation Day!

Employees are the company’s greatest assets. Recognition and appreciation are the key motivational factors in a workplace.   National Employee Appreciation Day was observed annually in first Friday of March and it is created in such a way to grab the…

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What stops you from Achieving Goals?

Employee engagement levels and team dynamics plays a vital role in achieving organizational goals. Sometimes employees come together seamlessly as a team but most often it’s the leadership that plays a crucial role thoughtfully to design & build a collaborative…

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Synergita proudly announces its next new customer for India Geo

Synergita gladly discloses our new client from Bengaluru. Our client is an embedded software solutions and Services Company focused on Wireless, Telecom, Networking and Automotive Technologies. They are going to start implementing Synergita’s Performance management system in their atmosphere for…

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Glad to announce the new customer win for Synergita

Synergita proudly announces its new client sign up, with a leading EHS information management provider from Hyderabad. Our client is the world’s leading provider of web based software platform in Environment, Health, Safety, Sustainability and Compliance information management. Synergita’s PMS…

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