Importance of Continuous Feedback in Enhancing Employee Engagement

A computer programmer working overtime to complete the deliverables for a customer demo, without being asked to, is a perfect instance to explain the ownership & ‘Employee Engagement’. To win in the marketplace one must first win in the workplace…

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5 ways to reduce Stress during Performance Appraisals

 Performance appraisal is a year-end activity where-in managers review employees performance.  The outcome of the appraisal helps organizations to make important decisions regarding employee’s salary, promotion, training etc. Very few people look forward to performance appraisals due to the following…

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What are the characteristics of a Winning Talent Management Software Solution?

Talent Management Solution Strategic function of HR – Talent Management continues to be a major focus for CEOs, HR Leaders and Line Managers for sustainable and profitable growth. Talent Management includes a gamut of responsibilities like performance management, succession planning,…

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How to improve employee engagement and performance?

Employee engagement and performance are inter-linked. A high level of employee engagement in an organization brings superior business performance. With employee engagement and performance, the organization can have increased profits, productivity, employee retention and customer metrics.  So, now we know…

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