Talent Management


Regardless of the size or industry every organization sets goals which enable managers and employees to look ahead and plan for the future actions for meeting those strategic visions. Most leaders understand the key to achieve sustainable success and remain…

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employee engagement

4 Steps to Achieve 21% Higher Productivity

My employee is neither punctual nor completes his task – OMG!! He is actively disengaged My employee is punctual and completes his work on time – Am sorry! He is partially engaged My employee may not be punctual but completes his task on time,…

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Unlocking Hidden Talents

All of us have hidden talents, identifying and tapping them is one of the most important thing that one can do in one’s life which paves the way for both adaptability & self-improvement. It has a lot to do with…

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What stops you from Achieving Goals?

Employee engagement levels and team dynamics plays a vital role in achieving organizational goals. Sometimes employees come together seamlessly as a team but most often it’s the leadership that plays a crucial role thoughtfully to design & build a collaborative…

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5 ways to reduce Stress during Performance Appraisals

 Performance appraisal is a year-end activity where-in managers review employees performance.  The outcome of the appraisal helps organizations to make important decisions regarding employee’s salary, promotion, training etc. Very few people look forward to performance appraisals due to the following…

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