“Employee Appreciation” – The wonder medicine for good employee performance!

I recently went to Sea World theme park.  I was amazed by the extraordinary shows of the whales, dolphins and sea-lions.  After every good show, they were given loads of fishes by their trainers in appreciation of their performance.  In…

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Webcast Series – How to Handle Difficult Employees?

“Nothing matters more than having a productive, talented workforce”, the vision of every organization. Yet it is not achieved till now, due to negative/ difficult employees and different employees. Being a Manager and Leader you daily witness its negative ripple…

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Synergita announces partnership with “The Human Sphere”

Chennai, India & Atlanta, GA, USA: Asteor Software ( www.asteor.com), developer of Synergita ( www.synergita.com) Performance Management Software announces a new partnership with a consultancy firm “The Human Sphere”, based out of Atlanta, GA.  The Human Sphere focuses on helping…

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How do you motivate your team?

Motivation is one of the key ingredients to bring out the best from any one. Motivating your employees will  influence the business to a great extent. However, with tough times and demand, it is natural for people to become disengaged…

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