Three Strategies to Engage Three Types of Employees

Gallup researchers studied 49,928 work units with 1.4 million employees. The result confirms the expected connection between employee engagement and key performance outcomes. Customer ratings, profitability and productivity are higher with engaged employees. Shrinkage, absenteeism and quality defects are higher…

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Performance Appraisal – demystified !! De-stress the process by simplifying

Why did they change? We’ve been hearing that companies are moving away from annual review types to periodic reviews. Biggies like Microsoft, Deloitte, Adobe, etc. have taken this giant step in the recent times. Certainly, they had faced issues in…

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Talent Management


Regardless of the size or industry every organization sets goals which enable managers and employees to look ahead and plan for the future actions for meeting those strategic visions. Most leaders understand the key to achieve sustainable success and remain…

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Performance management analytics

Is your Performance Management data driven?

For decades talent management has revolved around the traditional methods of personal relationships and experience rather than deep analysis. Details of a survey finding are as given under: The importance of talent analytics in the traditional method is that they…

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