Employee Appreciation Day!

Employees are the company’s greatest assets. Recognition and appreciation are the key motivational factors in a workplace.   National Employee Appreciation Day was observed annually in first Friday of March and it is created in such a way to grab the…

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Top 7 things that drive a High Performance Culture!

I’m writing this blog introspectively to brief you on the requirements on how the process of performance assessment should be. I owe my sincere thanks to one of my colleagues whose presentation is a reference to my blog. The idea…

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The Power of Appreciation!

Every research done at the workplace reveals that appreciation is something everyone irrespective of their position in the company looks forward to. Despite appreciation cited as a major contributor to accelerate efficiency and productivity, it is somehow overlooked. However, true leaders…

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Have you automated or solved your payroll processing?

When HR looks at automation, companies do one of the following: Automate the payroll processing with a software such as Unicorn HRO, ADP, etc. Outsource the payroll processing function to an external service provider such as Paychex, ABS, Talent Maximus,…

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Synergita’s New UX launch

Change is the only word that remains unchanged. Change is good when it does good. The new change in Synergita will also bring about wellness to our customers and to all the visitors. Yes, Synergita has launched its new User…

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Colgate’s “people with teeth”

I was calmly scrolling through my Linkedin profile sometime last week in the afternoon. It was then I noticed this article titled “Colgate taps smart marketing” shared by one of my friends. Being a Marketing Executive what else will I…

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