Healthy Employees Make Healthy Companies

If wealth is lost, nothing is lost. If health is lost, surely something is lost. So, physical fitness of the employees is very important. There are organizations which ask for a fitness certificate at the time of appointment. There are…

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Ideal Champions’ Five Scores Over Idle Champions

Some persons are left- handed, but many persons are left- brained. They are dominated by the logical and rational part of the mind. They like spreadsheets and action plans. They do not like open-ended creative thinking. In a cut- throat…

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Know what Synergita’s Ø Disruption promise is..

Companies are generally hesitant about adapting to a change because of one major reason – They are worried about DISRUPTION. They are worried about losing the system, process that they have managed to establish in their organization over the years….

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The KABALI Day !!

I’m a die-hard fan of Rajnikanth and like every other fan I’ve been craving for this day. But I haven’t done anything unusual like the usual Rajni fans. I’m actually in office today but have an interesting story for you….

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Chennai Rains bring more Resilience…

You might have seen a delay from our end in responding to the support tickets / might have not been able to reach us on Wed & Thu (2nd & 3rd December 2015) last week.  Apologies for that. Our (Synergita)…

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